Silicon Labs CEO Tyson Tuttle is challenging business leaders to step up and participate in Million Mile Month this April.
HealthCode’s Million Mile Month is a challenge to complete one million miles of physical activity, together as a global community. Whether it is an employer fostering a culture of wellness or an individual wanting to stay healthy and motivated, the goal of Million Mile Month is to encourage people to take control of their health.
“At Silicon Labs, one of our top priorities is our employees’ health and well-being. I’m sure you can agree – healthy employees are happy employees,” Tuttle said in a letter to business leaders. “Since its beginning, our employees have participated in Million Mile Month – a fun and easy way for employees to come together and be even more active. This year, Silicon Labs is challenging other companies to join in on the fun! We have a goal of 20,000 miles – do you think your company can beat it? Game on!”

In addition to its employee wellness benefits, Million Mile Month is an easy program for organizations to administer. Participants complete “miles” through the activity of their choice – from walking to swimming to yoga – and log them on the Million Mile Month website.
During the campaign, the program leaderboard is updated with miles contributed by people all around the world.
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