With the goal of achieving sustained high performance, more than 1,000 Dun & Bradstreet employees from across the world took collective steps during April’s Million Mile Month.

“Movement is a key pillar of our approach to sustainable high performance and has been connected to boosting brain performance,” said Roslynn Williams, Chief People Officer for Dun & Bradstreet.

“Dun & Bradstreet, in deep partnership with Tignum – a world leading expert in Sustainable High Performance – fosters a culture of Sustainable High Performance with a focus on four key pillars: Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Recovery. We enable team members to achieve high performance in both their work and personal life, supporting them to be their best selves,” Williams said.

Million Mile Month provides an avenue for employees to stay moving and spark their high-performance mindset. Million Mile Month is a signature program of HealthCode, which is dedicated to empowering people to live healthier lives, free from preventable diseases.

In the  Million Mile Month that ended April 30, participants across the world completed about 1.35 million miles of physical activity collectively as a global community. Participants logged miles through the activity of their choice – from walking to swimming to yoga – on the HealthCode activity platform on the Million Mile Month website

In 2016, Dun & Bradstreet became the first company to participate globally in Million Mile Month with employees from 52 company locations worldwide participating. In 2017, more than 1,000 employees from across Dun & Bradstreet offices across the globe participated in Million Mile Month, completing more than 94,000 miles .

Kevin McGeehan, delivery consultant at Dun & Bradstreet, said: “The Million Mile Month has been great fun.  It has provided me with the extra motivation to push myself beyond my normal routines and has improved my overall work performance.”

Sandra Anne Roth, ER&C and contract SLRM lead support at Dun & Bradstreet, said: “Million Mile Month helped me feel more accountable, improve my focus, and provide me with the drive to achieve my personal and professional goals.  On April 1,2016, I started the journey to become my best self by ensuring I completed at least the minimum of 10,000 steps a day.  That first month of my journey I exceeded the 100-mile goal and achieved 154.71 miles simply by walking.  A year into my journey, I achieved 305.51 miles within the walk/run category.  I have completed my last two 5Ks running most of the races and my work performance significantly improved as well.  I am grateful to work for a company that invests in its people and for the opportunity to be part of the MMM program.  I am looking forward to what next year will bring as I continue my strive to improve and encourage others on the sustainable high performance journey,’’ Roth said.

Williams said the company is looking at participating in future HealthCode challenges, including Marathon in a Month in October.

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