Participants in Million Mile Month 2017 reported the activity challenge motivated them to exercise more, to eat healthier and they felt more productive at work, according to survey results.

HealthCode’s Million Mile Month is a yearly activity challenge to complete one million miles of physical activity collectively as a global community in the month of April. In 2017, about 1.35 million miles were completed worldwide with participants logging miles of activity – from walking to swimming to yoga – on the Million Mile Month website.

HealthCode surveyed individuals who participated in Million Mile Month 2017, which ended on April 30.

Of 2,484 responses, 83 percent – or 1,948 – said the challenge motivated them to increase their physical activity – whether it was logging more miles, taking longer runs, exercising more days a week or simply getting off the couch, according the Million Mile Month 2017 Participant Survey via Survey Monkey.

In addition, some 55 percent – or 1,284 participants – said the Million Mile Month challenge motivated them to eat healthier, according to the survey results.

“When we launched Million Mile Month in 2014, our goal was to encourage people to eat better and move more – and these survey results show we are making great progress,’’ said Steve Amos, executive director of HealthCode. “Millions of people die each year from preventable diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer and our programs are designed to encourage people to take control of their health and embrace a lifestyle of physical activity and healthy living to help ward off disease. It’s gratifying to see we are making great strides.’’

Since 2014, more than 36,400 people have participated in HealthCode’s Million Mile Month, achieving 4.4 million miles of activity, burning 308 million calories and potentially saving an estimated $800,000 in health care costs.

Survey participants were asked how they felt after participating in Million Mile Month. A majority of respondents said they felt better and more productive at work. In addition, a majority of survey respondents said participating in Million Mile Month increased their overall satisfaction with their company.

“No question, healthy employees are happy and productive employees,’’ Amos said. “These survey results underscore the importance of companies creating a culture of wellness.’’

In addition, 96 percent of survey respondents indicated they would participate in Miliion Mile Month in 2018. About 26 percent said they would participate in HealthCode’s upcoming Triathlon in a Month that starts July 1.

HealthCode’s Million Mile Month 2017 Participant Survey of 2,484 participants was conducted via Survey Monkey in May.

For more information on HealthCode’s upcoming global challenges, which include Triathlon in a Month and in July and Marathon in a Month in October visit

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