Participants in HealthCode’s Marathon in a Month burned more than 21 million calories – more than double the goal.

In Marathon in a Month, HealthCode’s virtual gala throughout the month of October, participants were challenged to complete 26, 50 or 100 miles of physical activity through the activity of their choice, including walking, running or swimming. This year. HealthCode challenged participants to burn a collective 10 million calories throughout the month. Complete results can be found on the Marathon in a Month leaderboard.

“At HealthCode we are dedicated to empowering people around the world to live healthier, happier lives, free from preventable chronic diseases,’’ said Steve Amos, executive director of HealthCode. “This October, we focused on burning – versus consuming – calories through Marathon in a Month. Our participants far surpassed our expectations.’’

Of 4,458 registrants in Marathon a Month, participants from 47 U.S. states and territories completed 4.1 miles of physical activity and burned an estimated 21.8 million calories, according a survey of Marathon in a Month participants.

Moreover, participants reported they felt motivated to continue to exercise and embrace healthy living.

“This entire program keeps me motivated to keep walking and become a healthier person,” said one participant. “It’s fun to compete with people within our organization.”

Another participant said: “I lost my mom this year to heart disease. It has made me rethink my lifestyle.”

Other Marathon in a Month participants said the program helped them to set goals and get back on track with an exercise routine.

“It has helped set a goal, then crush the goal. I am eating healthier and constantly making sure I meet the miles I have set for myself daily,” the participant said.

Some groups competed against other organizations.

Susan Robinson, program coordinator with the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services employee wellness program said: It helped for us to have challenged another agency because I think most of our employees have already reached their goals a week ago”.

Whether it is an employer fostering a culture of wellness or an individual wanting to stay healthy and motivated, HealthCode sponsors creates activity challenges throughout the year and works with organizations of all sizes to encourage healthy lifestyles.  The events include iResolve™ in January, Million Mile Month™ in April, Triathlon in a Month™ in July and Marathon in a Month™ in October.

Registration is open for January’s iResolve program. For more information visit:

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