With the official first day of spring just around the corner, HealthCode’s Spring into Action virtual activity challenge is off to a strong start.

The inaugural Spring into Action challenge kicked off March 1 and as of March 15, 852 participants have logged more than 34,300 miles and have burned more than 2.2 million calories.

“Spring is in the air and we are seeing members of our HealthCode community shaking off the winter chills and getting moving,’’ said Steve Amos, founder and CEO of nonprofit HealthCode. “As millions continue working from home and with the days warning up, we are encouraging everyone to join the Spring into Action challenge to stay on track with fitness goals.’’

Whether it is an organization seeking to cultivate a culture of wellness for employees or an individual seeking a new challenge to stay motivated, the Spring into Action virtual wellness challenge provides a way to roll into the warmer months by establishing positive goals to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

With the Spring into Action March virtual challenge, participants sign up on the Spring into Action registration page and enter their personal mileage goal for the month. Throughout the month, the leaderboard is updated with miles achieved globally as participants walk, run, cycle or swim to meet their goals.

If participants missed registering for Spring into Action, Amos said there are no penalties for a late start. Participants can start the challenge at any time during the month of March and enter all physical activity accomplished throughout the month.

Daily activity can be entered manually on the HealthCode activity tracker or automatically sync activity data with it with various activity apps and wearable activity devices.

While there is no fee to sign up for HealthCode’s virtual challenges, optional donations support the delivery of HealthCode’s programming free to children, schools, military families and low-income communities.

Employers and other organizations can register at https://healthcode.org/organizations. More information on HealthCode’s health and wellness events can be found on the HealthCode events page.


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