The Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization develops transportation plans and programs to address the needs of the greater San Antonio area.


With 16 employees, the Alamo Area MPO is a new participant in HealthCode’s Marathon in a Month virtual activity challenge which is running through the end of October.


Serving about 2 million residents in Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe and a portion of Kendall counties and led by the Transportation Policy Board, the Alamo Area MPO develops transportation plans and programs to address the needs of the greater San Antonio area and works with regional partners to decide how federal transportation funds will be invested in the region.


In a question-and-answer discussion, Eric Cavazos, lead planer with the Alamo Area MPO’s Alamo Commutes program, discusses the organization’s goals to equip commuters with the information, tools, and resources they need to make smart and sustainable transportation choices which align with the AAMPO’s plan to reduce congestion, improve air quality and improve access to employment centers.


Q: What got you interested in getting involved with HealthCode and its virtual activity challenges?

Our program, Alamo Commutes, holds three virtual events a year. These are usually centered around a commuting challenge, where participants carpool, bike, or use a transportation method other than driving alone. Participants will log their trips through our Alamo Commutes mobile app to enter to win. When I learned the Healthcode challenges functions similarly, I thought it would be a great opportunity to collaborate during October, which has been designated National Pedestrian Safety Month. With HealthCode’s Marathon in a Month and Alamo Commutes “WALKtober” challenge, October has become a great month to raise awareness of pedestrian safety while promoting physical health.


Q: What do you see as the role of remaining physically active and overall wellness within your organization?


Physical activity aligns with what we call “Active Transportation,’’ referring to human powered transportation and low speed electronic assist devices. Active transportation is a critical component in developing and implementing sustainable community strategies, improving air quality, increasing public health and making the region a more enjoyable place to live, work, and play.


Q: What goals do you or your organization have for the Marathon in a Month (or other virtual events)? Our goal for


October is to raise awareness for National Pedestrian Safety Month, highlight members of the community who have stories to share, and encourage and reward those who are willing to partake in active transportation.

Q: How can working with HealthCode help you meet your mission now and in the future?


The hardest part of any event is the reach and conveying urgency. When organizations come together it’s a way to convey seriousness and demonstrate that the issue at hand is indeed important. Being able to safely run, walk, or roll around a town or city is a key priority. This partnership is also a great way to establish and highlight the connection between transportation and health.  

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