Are you ready for 2023?  

With the new year just around the corner, HealthCode is inviting the global community to jumpstart fitness resolutions with the iResolve virtual activity challenge that kicks off January 1.

“January is about fresh starts and new resolutions. After the busy holiday season, iResolve provides everyone an opportunity to kick off 2023 and put their best foot forward on the path to healthy living,’ said Steve Amos, CEO and founder of the nonprofit HealthCode. “With iResolve, we are encouraging everyone to pick smart, measurable goals to get moving and have fun.”

With the iResolve January virtual challenge, participants sign up on the iResolve registration page and enter their personal mileage goal for the month. Throughout the month, the leaderboard is updated with miles achieved globally as participants walk, run, cycle or swim to meet their goals.  

Participants can start the challenge at any time during January and still enter all physical activity achieved in the month. Participants can enter activity manually on the HealthCode activity tracker or automatically sync activity data with it with various activity apps and wearable activity devices.

HealthCode is committed to raising awareness and promoting living healthier, happier lives through physical activity, nutrition, and the good stewardship of the environment.   HealthCode works with organizations of all sizes – including businesses, educational institutions, and federal, state, and local governments — to incorporate virtual events into wellness programs to engage employees and families to embrace healthy lifestyles.  

HealthCode launched its first program – the Million Mile Month challenge in April 2014 – and since then the programs have grown.

Today, HealthCode offers goal-based challenges with more than 88.500 participants and organizations across all 50 U.S. states and in more than 30 countries.  


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