In a wide-ranging conversation with Steve Amos, HealthCode founder and CEO, Mackey discussed conscious leadership, building teams, creating value for stakeholders and empowering others in the workplace.

Mackey shared some insight for leaders, “For leaders, it is important to put the mission and purpose of the company first, and you are only as good as your team.’’

Mackey is a mission-driven entrepreneur who took Whole Foods from a single store in Austin, Texas, to a multibillion Fortune 500 company with stores in the United States, the UK, and Canada.

From Mackey’s stint as part of a vegetarian co-op to opening his first store to being the CEO of Wholefoods, his purposeful drive toward health inspired him as he lead his companies from the ground up with conscious capitalism. He embraces and advocates for business as a force for good.

Mackey is a leader in driving “conscious capitalism’’ and built the Whole Foods culture around a higher purpose that goes beyond generating profits and value for shareholders and creates engagement among all stakeholders.

Below you’ll find both the video and audio from the interview as well as timestamps if you’d like to jump in on certain topics. Enjoy!

Video Timestamps for Easy Reference

0:06 | Introductions

1:18 |John’s Books

1:57 |Higher Purpose

4:00 | Seeds for Whole Foods

8:09 | Top 100 Best Companies to Work For

8:52 | Conscious Capitalism

10:51 | Learning and Growing: “Fear is the enemy of growth.”

12:34 | Innovation and Failure

17:27 | Importance of Teams

20:11 | Who are Stakeholders?

22:01 | All stakeholders can flourish

27:02 | Integrity and honesty to listen to critics

32:34 | Conscious Leadership

34:11 | What to do in crisis

37:40 | There is no safety.

38:33 | The fear of ridicule

39:27 | Empowering Others

42:33 | Gratitude in teambuilding

44:33 | Love in a business context

49:50 | Final Questions

50:18 | How do you recharge?

52:32 | What’s next for John Mackey?

56:45 | What we eat is SO important

59:19 | Closing thoughts

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