Steve Amos is joined by Tony Cucolo, a retired United States Army Major General and CEO of Austin-based Professional Contract Services, Inc., and Gwyn Armfield, retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General, Managing Director of RGA Consulting Group LLC, and co-author of “Lead to Serve and Serve to Lead: Leading Well in Turbulent Times.”

This wide-ranging discussion focuses on ways organizations can build resilience, improve mental fitness, and boost employee well-being in our increasingly stressful world.

Learn the difference between healthy stress and languishing under high-stress environments, and how to step back when the stress is unhealthy. They discuss how to prevent stress from defining you, focusing on today, and embracing self-awareness. 

Below you’ll find both the video and the podcast, as well as timestamps so you can navigate to the most important portions for you.

Video Timestamps for Easy Reference

00:00:00 | Introductions

00:04:11 | Resilience in Mental Health

00:08:53 | Don’t be too hard on yourself

00:09:39 | Prolonged Stress

00:15:37 | Preparing for Stress

00:24:49 | Repetitions (Reps)

00:29:05 | How do you handle stress when no one understands what you’re going through?

00:34:47 | How do you get through compounding stressors without losing yourself?

00:41:50 | Sleep Health

00:47:30 | Stress in the Workplace

00:53:41 | Character

00:58:42 | Thriving Connected Community

01:03:11 | Closing Comments

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