Unhealthy has become the new norm. Our sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets are literally killing us. It is time to re-code our way of thinking and establish a new HealthCode® that promotes health and prevents disease.

Millions of people die each year from diseases that can, in many cases, be prevented (heart disease, diabetes, obesity and certain forms of cancer). In the U.S. alone, $3 trillion a year is being spent on health care. 75% of these costs go toward treating preventable diseases, while only 3% is being spent on preventative initiatives and programs.  

COVID-19’s stress on our lives is immense, from increased sedentary lifestyles to social isolation and more. HealthCode’s monthly global virtual activity events help you, your family, friends, work colleagues, and community stay physically active and safely socially connected; even if around the globe or across the street.

Now is the time to stand up, make a change and establish a new HealthCode for ourselves and our communities.

Mission and Vision

HealthCode’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives, free from preventable diseases.

We envision a future in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of a healthy life, free from preventable chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, certain forms of cancer). We see a future where, with awareness, education and motivation, everyone can live healthier and happier.

We believe in education, awareness and action!

We are creating healthier people and communities by raising awareness, educating people year-round and through community-focused, goal-based challenges and programs. We focus strategically in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, environment and community.

Who we impact?

HealthCode® is dedicated to improving the health of children, adults, organizations and entire communities. Through our monthly virtual challenges – like iResolve. (January), Million Mile Month (April), Triathlon in a Month (July), Marathon in a Month (October) – the HealthCode Community has grown to over 81,000 people from 30 countries; who have achieved over 16.3 million miles of activity and burned 2.0 bllion calories, with potential healthcare costs savings exceeding $5,116,000.

We hear endless stories of participants controlling their diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure through our programs. Amazing stories of how people have bounced back from a mental or physical trauma. Countless stories of weight loss, and touching stories of families reconnecting.

Through our fun and rewarding challenges, education initiatives and corporate wellness offerings, we focus on helping each individual reach their fullest potential; living a healthy life free from preventable diseases.

Invest in a future free from preventable diseases.

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