Battle of the Branches

Global Virtual Activity Event



MAY 1-31, 2024

The Battle of the Branches celebrates May’s Military Appreciation month through a free global virtual activity event in support of our military community. This fun global competition encourages service members, Veterans, their families and friends to maintain active lifestyles; building resilience, readiness, and unity.


May 1 – 31, 2024


Open to All

Learn how to sign up as a PARTICIPANT.

Learn how to sign up as an ORGANIZATION.

No Fees Required

Donations help others to live healthier lives.


HealthCode’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives; supporting kids, schools, and low income communities. Optional registration donations come with awesome swag:

  • Gold – Battle of the Branches T-shirt
  • Platinum – Battle of the Branches T-shirt AND Event Coin

All registration levels include participation in the Battle of the Branches Global Event¸ event printable race bib, leaderboards, an account on HealthCode’s activity platform’s private personal profile page, and activity entry tools.

Getting Started Is Easy



2. Select your registration level.

No fees are required. Optional donations at Gold and Platinum levels includes the Battle of the Branches t-shirt. Platinum level donors also receive the Battle of the Branches Event Coin.

3. Individual Sign up — PERSONAL PROFILE PAGE

Enter activity data, go to Branch Leaderboard


3. Select your Branch from the Organization drop down:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Space Force
    • Options
      • If your unit is already set up as an Organization on HealthCode, then use your unit’s Organization.
      • Or sign up your “Unit” here, which allows options for your own “groups”
      • No Unit? No Problem. Just pick your Branch!
      • Signing up as part of your Company? No problem, just select your Company from the Organization list


  1. Select from the Group drop down one of the following:
  • Active Duty
  • Reserve
  • Guard
  • Veteran
  • Civilian
  • Family

Note: If participating as part of your Company, select the “Group” option that is most appropriate

4. Starting May 1st enter your activities by miles or minutes, which includes all activity types. Your activity goes to:

  • Your personal goal
  • Your Branches’ Leaderboard (including the Group board)
  • The overall Battle of the Branches Leaderboard showing each Branch and top individuals, as well as their cities and “states” from around the globe.
  • Check out the Battle of the Branches’ Global Leaderboard, share with your fellow servicemen to see your Branch on top of the leaderboard.

For example, see the 2021 Battle of the Branches leaderboard.

Battle of the Branches T-shirt

(Gold and Platinum Registration)

Battle of the Branches Challenge Coin

(Platinum Registration)

Learn How to Sign Up Your Unit


Personal Page

Organization Page/Board/Metrics

Global Public Leaderboard

The Winning Branch Receives…


  • Bragging right of course, and the second annual Battle of the Branches’ Virtual Trophy!
  • Shout outs on social media and in press releases.
  • PLUS: The top 20 individuals will receive the awesome Battle of the Branches’ Event Coin!

Winners Determined By:

  • Most participants
  • Highest average miles per participant
  • Highest percentage of participants from the Branch


History of the Battle of the Branches

Since 2016, the Air Force has been using the nonprofit HealthCode’s virtual activity events to engage Airmen globally, starting with USCENTCOM AFELM. After hearing about participating military members’ positive experience with HealthCode during COVID, we asked, what more can HealthCode do to support the military community. Which resulted in the Battle of the Branches Event, to support readiness, resilience, unity, and spur some fun across the Armed Forces – from Active Duty to Veterans, their families, and friends.

Get Others Involved

  • Invite your Branch contacts to join in the event
  • If you would like to have your unit setup as a unique organization, which provides the ability for “groups”, please fill out the form on this page


Tip for Veterans, Guard, Reserves

Sign up for the May Million Mile Month under your employer’s organization; that way your activity will be applied to both your service branch and your company.

“HealthCode was the perfect platform to launch the 517th TRG’s first virtual fitness event during COVID. It motivated individuals of all fitness levels (military & civilian staff, students, family members) to log a total of 16K miles of their favorite physical activities while contributing to a little friendly unit competition…promoting healthy habits and building esprit de corps in a time of social distancing! It was so much fun, we made it an annual event.”

 Stephanie Kelley

Share with Your Community

Individuals: Sample emails and social posts below:



Please join me and invite others to join in the Battle of the Branches. A fun virtual activity event to celebrate Military Appreciation Month throughout the month of May. Sign up and let’s get our Branch on top of the Leaderboards!


I registered for #BattleoftheBranches2023, an activity event between the U.S. Armed Forces across May. Join me at

I registered for #BattleoftheBranches2023! Join this global activity event. Get active, get healthy, and let’s stay connected at

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