HealthCode Events

Triathlon in a Month 2017

Triathlon in a Month™

A July challenge to get active, enjoy different “activities”, push your personal goals, and have fun in the summer time!

Registration opens May 15th.

Marathon in a Month 2017

Marathon in a Month™

A personal challenge to complete 26.2 miles (marathon) or 50 miles (ultra-marathon) or 100 miles (ultra-ultra-marathon) of running and/or walking throughout the month of October.

Registration opens August 15th.

iResolve. 2018


A kick-off to make your January activity resolution a reality! Set your goal. Measure your progress. Make this the best year ever!

Registration opens November 15th.

Million Mile Month 2018

Million Mile Month™ – April Community Challenge

An annual April challenge to complete one million miles of physical activity, together as one global community.

Registration opens February 15th.

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