Group Registration


Group Registration

HealthCode’s monthly global virtual activity challenges can help your group stay physically active and socially connected.

What kinds of groups?

    • Employees
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Neighbors
    • Church Group
    • Book Club
    • Mommy Group
    • Cooking Clubs
    • Walking Groups
    • You get the idea…

The challenges are simple, fun, and free ways to get your group physically active and help create a culture of health and wellness.

Reasons to Register Your Group:


    • It’s Free. No setup or license fees.
    • Build a culture of care.
    • Motivate physical activity, team building, and wellness activities.
    • Friendly, healthy competition.
    • Quick setup, easy for organizer to administer and to use. (10 min setup)
    • Easy-to-use implementation guide.
    • Once registered, your group can participate in ALL public HealthCode events.
    • No minimum/maximum number of group participants.

Register today and invite your group to join you!

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