Empowering people to live healthier lives, free from preventable diseases.

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Together We Carol
Together We Carol

Crack the Code to a Healthier Life

“Multiple Sclerosis has left me wheelchair dependent. After years of being left out of fitness events, it was empowering to participate for a change.”

-Carla S

“Family workouts during Million Mile Month helped us discover our 3 year old’s passion for running. She now competes in 5Ks. The Million Mile Month community is inspirational!”

-Josie H

“Through Million Mile Month, my diabetes numbers have improved dramatically. My energy level has increased and I’m running with renewed confidence.”

-Manuel M

“My daughter, Zoey, was diagnosed with childhood Leukemia and my husband is active military. Million Mile Month made it easier to find time for fitness in the chaos.”

-Danielle K

Why HealthCode?

Communities of all kinds are having wellness crises.  Neighborhoods, cities, churches, schools, even corporations.

How do you build a healthy community?  You send them on a journey of wellness as a community.

Enter HealthCode.

We have found the secret of keeping people on a healthy path is a
supportive society—people getting better together.

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Our vision is a world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of a healthy life, free from preventable diseases. We believe that awareness, education and action is the path to achieve that vision.

HealthCode’s programs have helped people from all 50 US states and 30 countries, log over 7.2 million miles of activity and burn over 503 million calories. That is 30 trips to the moon and a projected healthcare savings of over $1,300,000. Join us in making your community a healthier and happier place!


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