HR Wellness / Company Registration


HR Wellness / Company Registration

HealthCode’s monthly global virtual activity events are simple, fun, and free ways to get your group physically active and help create a culture of health and wellness.

Reasons to Register Your Company:

    • It’s free. No setup or license fees.
    • Boost employee engagement and productivity, employee relations and company camaraderie; locally and globally.
    • Motivate physical activity, team building, and wellness activities.
    • Support corporate health and wellbeing through fun corporate events.
    • Reduce healthcare costs and build a culture of care while also helping to hire and retain employees.
    • Quick setup, easy for organizer to administer and to use. (10 min setup)
    • Easy-to-use implementation guides.
    • The opportunity to win great prizes just for logging miles.
    • Once registered, your group can participate in ALL public HealthCode events.
    • Obtain metrics and on-demand reports.
    • No minimum/maximum number of group participants.

Potential Groupings

    • Departments
    • Locations
    • Teams
    • You get the idea…

Register for free using the form to the right. Once you receive your registration confirmation you’ll also receive instructions on how to invite others to register as part of your group!

Easy-to-use implementation guides are available below.

Questions? Watch the video below and/or email us at 


Additional Resources:

Introduction to the Event Activity App:  Video

Summary of the Event Activity App: PDF (See page 4 for download instructions for event participants’ activity summary data)

Individual Event Registration: Video

Individual Event Registration: PDF


How HR Professionals Are Using HealthCode

“I appreciate you making this sooo… easy for me. We are working very hard to keep our associates engaged in activity… Million Mile Month is a perfect vehicle for that!”

Sheri, Former Sr. Benefits Administrator, Toyota Gulf States

“Million Mile Month really helped our employees understand that Sysco truly does care about their health and wellness. We could not be happier with this initiative and look forward to particating for years to come.”

Mike, Former Wellness Coordinator, Sysco

Dun & Bradstreet Global Event


Implementation Guides Make It Easy to Promote to Your Group

Families to large corporations need help promoting and encouraging event sign-ups. Our easy-to-use implementation guides include sample e-letters, promotional materials, social tips and logos.  Just click on the logos below. Don't see what you need? Let us know!

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