For February’s Love Your Health – Sample Email Announcement 

Below are generic Love Your Health™ intro e-mails. Love Your Health is a February global virtual activity challenge motivating people to embrace loving themselves and being active, to support a healthier, happier life.  Participants set their own activity mileage goal and track their progress. Make this the best year ever!

Tailor the email to emphasize why Love Your Health is important to your organization and take this opportunity to share your organization’s February and year goals.

First Housekeeping Notes:

  • Returning organizations please see sample email at Option 3
  • Check out the example web screenshots at the end in case you want to add them in your communications.
  • Request: Please request your IT team to include emails from HealthCode and web sites, among your approved emails and web sites – and – Thank you!
  • FYI: After registration participants receive an email from HealthCode with more detailed information regarding program logistics.
  • Password reset note: For privacy reasons HealthCode can not see or adjust passwords. Registrants can reset passwords from the web site. Issues occur when the email goes to spam OR when a person has used say a personal email and are entering their work email, or even with misspelled emails at registration. Let us know if additional help is required.

* * * 

Option I Intro E-letter – Geared to New Organizations

Dear  _ ,

Get out your winter sports gear, walking/running shoes, swim goggles, yoga mats, dancing mojo, and bikes. We are participating in February’s Love Your Health™.

Love Your Health is all about YOU. Helping to make this year your best ever, by being active and achieving your personal health and wellness goals.

We here at <insert your company, school or org name> are challenging our <employees/members> to log <insert the number of miles> this February. Are you up for the challenge?

Here is how to get started:

Use @LoveYourHealthIAM

Spread the word to your friends and family about your participation in Love Your Health and get them involved too!

Come February, sign on to your HealthCode Personal Profile page and enter your activity miles or minutes. Entering your activity is simple through the web site and is mobile friendly, accessible from any device. (Or sync up with Fitbit, Strava, or MapMyFitness.)

See our private Organization Leaderboard by clicking on our Organization’s name in your Private Profile page.

After that, all that is left to do is to get those skis and bikes tuned up and your walking/running shoes polished, because this February you will be seeing a lot of them!

Thank you!

Option II


What is your February activity goal for a healthier, happier life? Join us and participate in Love Your Health to help you in achieving your goal! 

Love Your Health is a global challenge to make this year YOUR healthiest ever and achieving your personal activity goal. 

Set and reach your own personal mile goal during the challenge, and help our organization reach #1 on the leaderboards. Let’s show our city, state, and nation what we can do together this February in support of health and wellness.  

Below are instructions on how to register as a part of our team.


Note: We highly recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any smartphone or tablet. If you are using Internet Explorer, be sure you are using version IE 10  for the best experience. 

  1. Visit and click on the  Love Your Health™ logo.
  2. Choose your registration level and continue. No fees are required. Registration donations are to the nonprofit HealthCode, are tax deductible and support programs for kids and schools.
  1. On the Edit Profile page, choose “OUR ORGANIZATION” from the “Select Your Organization” pull-down.
  2. Then choose your department/location/school from the “Select Your Group/Team” pull-down.
  3. Make sure all other required blanks are completed and click “Complete Registration”.

You are now registered. Be sure to tell colleagues that you registered and encourage them to join the team. 


Starting February 1, visit  from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) and log your physical activities in your profile (walk, run, bike, yoga, Zumba and more accepted). Once logged in, click the MY PROFILE button to get to your profile. You can connect a Fitbit or Map My Fitness account as well (optional). 

Check out the Love Your Health  Public Leaderboards to see the overall community and by clicking on “My Organization” in your private Profile Page you’ll see our Organization’s Private Leaderboard.

 Like or Follow the official  Love Your Health social media pages in your confirmation eletter. This is where HealthCode™ will up-date on all the other fun events and happenings.

Use @LoveYourHealthIAM

If you have any questions, please direct them to

Thank you,

Option III Returning Organizations

Dear NAME community,

Please join your fellow employees February’s Love Your Health

Love Your Health is from the nonprofit HealthCode, whose vision is that everyone should enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier life. We share that vision for you, your fellow employees, families and community.

Love Your Health™ supports your personal goal to make this your best year ever by meeting your February activity goal.

OPTIONAL  Join us as ENTER NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION employees  collectively seek to achieve ENTER YOUR ORG’S GOAL of X percentage of employees who achieve minimum of X MILES in support of health and wellness.

How to Register for February’s Love Your Health:

1) Visit, click on the  Love Your Health™ logo, choose your registration level and continue. No fees are required. Optional registration donations are to the nonprofit HealthCode, are tax deductible, and support HealthCode in providing programs to kids, schools and low income communities.

2) If you have registered on the website before, select the “Returning Participants” button. If you are new to the website, use the “New Registrants” area. 

3) You will land on the Edit Profile page; if this is your first time click on “Select your Organization” pull-down, select our organization and your “Select Group/Team” pull-down. (You can edit your Group if needed.)

4) Finally select your Mileage Goal and click “Complete Registration”. 

You are now registered to participate in Love Your Health


From February 1-28, visit from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) and log your walking/running activity in your profile. Easy as that! The website will take care of the rest. Just log those miles towards your personal goal and be sure to cross the finish line before February 28th.

Plus, your miles will be applied to our Organization’s private leaderboard, as well as the Public Love Your Health™ Leaderboard showing top organizations, states and cities.

The activity data logging tool is always available on your Personal Profile page and accepts both minutes and miles for any activity. So a wearable device is NOT required, however, you do have the option to connect a Fitbit or Map My Fitness account in your profile for automatic mile syncing. 

See our Organization’s private Leaderboard from your Private Personal Profile Page, by clicking on our Organization’s name listed on the left column, under Event Stats.

 Like or Follow the official Love Your Health social media pages in your confirmation e-letter. This is where HealthCode™ will up-date on all the other fun events and happenings.

Use @LoveYourHealthIAM

If you have any questions, please direct them to


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