May Million Mile Month Email Templates

Sample Announcement Email

These are generic emails, which include a basic overview of May’s Million Mile Month. Tailor the email to emphasize why the Million Mile Month (MMM) is important to your company or organization. Also, take this opportunity to share your goals for May.

Returning organizations please see sample emails starting at Option 3. Please see the web screenshots at the end for your communications, plus a picture of the exclusive MMM 2024 t-shirt.

Note, upon registration participants, receive additional info in an email and a pop up window.

First, Housekeeping Notes:

  • Check out the web screenshots at the end of this doc in case you want to add them in your communications. Plus a picture of the Million Mile Month 2024 t-shirt, which is provided at Gold and Platinum registration donation levels.
  • See the 2024 May Million Mile Month Race Bib. A fun way to engage your employees, especially if they also include your organization’s hashtag – just a thought. 
  • Request: Please request your IT team to include emails from HealthCode and web sites, among your approved emails and web sites – and – Thank you!
  • Password reset note: For privacy reasons HealthCode can not see or adjust passwords. Registrants can reset passwords from the web site. Issues occur when the email goes to spam OR when a person has used say a personal email and are entering their work email, or even with misspelled emails at registration. Let us know if additional help is required.
  • Fitbits: 95% of data syncing issues resolved when the device was 100% charged. See these FAQ’s for more info on syncing with trackers.

Option I  Edit for your organization.

Dear Coworkers, Clients, and Friends,

Get out your walking shoes, swim gear, yoga mats, bikes.  We are participating in the May Million Mile Month™ Challenge.

“What is Million Mile Month?” you ask. Million Mile Month is a challenge to complete 1,000,000 miles of physical activity together as one global community this May.

We here at NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION are challenging you to achieve and log 30 miles this May.  Are you up for the challenge?

Here is how to get started:

  1. Register at:, click on the May Million Mile Month registration button
  2. Like or Follow the official HealthCode Million Mile Month social media pages:
  3. Spread the word to your friends and family about your participation in May’s Million Mile Month and get them involved too!
  4. Come May 1st, sign on to your HealthCode Personal Profile page and enter your activity miles or minutes. Entering your activity is simple through the web site and is mobile friendly, accessible from any device. (Or sync up with Fitbit or MapMyFitness.)
  5. Check out the Public Leaderboards to see how our organization is doing in the rankings.
  6. See our private Organization Leaderboard by clicking on our Organization’s name in your Private Profile page.

After that, all that is left to do is to get that bike tuned up and your walking/running shoes polished, because this May you will be seeing a lot of them!

Thank you!

Option II


This MAy 1-31, ENTER YOUR ORGANIZATIONS NAME will participate in the May Million Mile Month, a global challenge to achieve a million miles of activity for a healthier you, our company and community.

Set and reach your own personal mile goal during the challenge, and help our organization reach #1 on the leaderboards. Let’s show our city, state, and nation just how many miles we can do together this May.  Below are instructions on how to register as a part of our team.


Note: We highly recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any smartphone or tablet. If you are using Internet Explorer, be sure you are using version 9 or higher for the best experience.

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your registration level and continue. No fees are required; registration donations are to the nonprofit HealthCode, are tax deductible, at the Gold and Platinum levels get you the official MMM 2021 T-Shirt!
  3. On the Edit Profile page, choose “OUR ORGANIZATION” from the “Select Your Organization” pull-down.
  4. Then choose your department/location/school from the “Select Your Group/Team” pull-down.
  5. Make sure all other required blanks are completed and click “Complete Registration”.

You are now registered. Be sure to tell colleagues that you registered and encourage them to join the team.


Starting May 1, visit  from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) and log your physical activities in your profile (walk, run, bike, yoga, Zumba and more accepted). Once logged in, click the MY PROFILE button to get to your profile. You can connect a Fitbit, Garmin, or Map My Fitness account as well (optional). 

Check out the Public Leaderboards to see the overall community and by clicking on “My Organization” in your private Profile Page you’ll see our Organization’s Private Leaderboard.

If you have any questions, please direct them to

Thanks you!

Option III Returning Organizations

Dear NAME community,

Please join your fellow employees in May’s Million Mile Month global challenge! 

May’s Million Mile Month is from the nonprofit HealthCode, whose vision is that everyone should enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier life. We share that vision for you, your fellow employees, families and community.

The Million Mile Month supports your personal goal to be active for your health, while being part of a global challenge to walk, run, bike, swim, dance – just get up, move and have fun – as we collectively achieve over one million miles of activity.

OPTIONAL:  Join us as ENTER NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION employees collectively seek to achieve ENTER YOUR ORG’S GOAL X MILES in support of health and wellness.

How to Register for May’s Million Mile Month:

  1. Visit  to register, which is FREE. Donations are optional, tax deductible, and support HealthCode’s ability to provide programs free to kids and low income communities. 
  2. If you have registered on the website before, select the “Returning Users” button. If you are new to the website, use the “New Registrants” area.
  3.  You will land on the Edit Profile page; if this is your first time click on “Select your Organization” pull-down, select our organization and your “Select Group/Team” pull-down. (You can edit your Group if needed.)
  4. Finally, select your Mileage Goal and click “Complete Registration”. 

You are now registered to participate in May’s Million Mile Month!

Thank you!

Additional Emails

Log Miles Reminder Email:

Dear YOUR COMPANY NAME community,

We are now X days into the May Million Mile Month™ Community Challenge.  Be sure you are logging all your physical activity. You can do this by using the free logging tool provided within your profile on the HealthCode website

Did you forget to log an activity from a couple days ago? No problem, you can log activities for any day since May 1st by changing the date on the logging tool when entering activity in your profile. Easy as that!

Keep up the great work!

Last Day of Event Email:

Dear YOUR COMPANY NAME community,

Today marks the final day of the May Million Mile Month™ Global Community Challenge. Be sure to complete and log those final miles for the challenge today.

We are so proud of the hard work you all have put in. There is still time to enter your activities. Before the end of the day, be sure to visit your profile and log any remaining activities accomplished since May 1st at

After the Event Celebration Email:  

Dear YOUR COMPANY NAME community,

Today marks the final day of the May Million Mile Month™ Global Community Challenge. Be sure to complete and log those final miles for the challenge today.

We are so proud of the hard work you all have put in. There is still time to enter your activities. Before the end of the day, be sure to visit your profile and log any remaining activities at

PDF and Video of Walkthrough

Exclusive T-Shirt

Included at the Gold and Platinum Registration/donation levels; contributions allow HealthCode to provide programs free to schools and low income communities, plus improve and extend programs. Thank you for your support in sharing this information and opportunity.

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