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Registration: March 15 – April 30

Event: April 1 – 30


Event Resources

Here you’ll find links to helpful resources for implementing this event at your organization, including email templates for communicating with participants, social media samples, and other marketing assets / graphics.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Below is a step-by-step guide for implementing Million Mile Month at your organization. We suggest kick-off dates, but you can change them to accommodate your schedule. The Guide contains everything you need to ensure a successful Million Mile Month event. Contact us at any time with questions: contact@HealthCode.org

Please see the intro links below to HealthCode’s activity event platform materials below. The last section of the video is geared toward HR/wellness leaders, with info to download their event participants’ activity summary data. 

 Quick Intro Video

 Simple PDF Summary (See page 4 for images on accessing your “Event Download” Excel doc for participants’ information.)

1. Status of Your Organization

If Your Organization IS NOT Registered:

It’s FREE to sign up as an organization and for participants. (As a 501 c3 nonprofit, HealthCode very much appreciates and provides donation opportunities.)

If new, review your registration options here or email contact@healthcode.org.

If Your Organization IS Registered:

You are already set for Million Mile Month. Your Organization and “teams/groups” are already in the system.

2. Send a HOW TO REGISTER email to your employees

Edit the sample emails, they include explicit registration instructions so employees can quickly sign-up on their own and are attached to your organization. Just copy, paste, include YOUR organization’s name, edit to match your voice, and click send.

3. Promote participation before and during April

Find posters, logos, flyers, and more ready and available to print or use here.

Find sample emails and social media posts.

Find a 6 week sample implementation calendar here.

4. Kick things off big on April 1, or hold a rally the day before

The Million Mile Month challenge kicks off on April 1 and goes to April 30. Plan something fun to get employees excited on day one. Perhaps a collective first day mile goal, or percentage of employees participating in Million Mile Month.  Be sure to remind them to log miles daily in their profile.

5. Public Leaderboards

Encourage your employees to continue to log miles daily throughout the month of April and watch your company climb the Top Organizations leaderboard. Plus their activity is applied to their city and state’s leaderboard as well as to the collective total.

6. Your Organizations Private Leaderboard

Check in on your company’s Organization Page (see image below) periodically

to see your company’s progress. This page is private to your employees and serves as a company leaderboard and a source of mentorship, teamwork and friendly competition. Organization boards are accessed by clicking on the “My Organization” link on Personal Profile pages.

7. Reports and metrics for your company

You can access an excel spreadsheet from your Organization page, providing real-time activity details per employee and “group”.

8. top 5 tips for involving your employees

1)  Obtain support and participation from senior management, preferably the

CEO/President or other senior leader


2)  Establish a champion, such the wellness/fitness coordinator, as the central point person to communicate with Million Mile Month staff and your organization


3)  Develop ongoing events at your organization, such as group walks at lunch on

Wednesdays, walking meetings, “Take the Stairs Not the Elevator” days.


4) Encourage, fun healthy competition within your organization; such as challenges between departments or locations based upon the highest percentage of participating employees who achieve say 25 or 30 miles of activity during the month.


Extra tip: Your Organization’s Private Leaderboard is a great way to stimulate participation and buzz (accessed from the Personal Profile page)


5)  Provide incentives and recognition, beyond those already provided by Million Mile Month (MMM), such as:

  1. Matching donated funds (HealthCode offers both Free and pay options for registration; any paid registration fee is tax deductible and can be matched through your company donation match programs.)
  2. Internal recognition through company communication channels
  3. PTO/Vacation/Happy hours for accomplishing certain levels of activity


Extra tip: Encourage “many colors” on their goal tracker bar, which reflects mileage per different type of activities accomplished.


Noteworthy Dates

April 1: Million Mile Month First Day

April 9: Easter

April 30: Million Mile Month Final Day

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