February’s Love Your Health™ Social Media Samples 

Include photos and videos in social media posts to help capture your audience’s attention.


  • The official Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/HealthCodeIAM
  • Hashtag: #LoveYourHealthIAM whenever posting an update about Love Your Health™
  • You can use websites like ow.ly or bitly.com to shorten links for social media
  • When mentioning Love Your Health™ in any Facebook post, make sure to tag us by typing #LoveYourHealthIAM  https://www.facebook.com/HealthCodeIAM
  • Post pictures with the Love Your Health™ resolution bib to share your resolution and use #LoveYourHealthIAM PLUS if desired, your organization’s Hashtag

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  • The Love Your Health™ official Twitter account is: https://twitter.com/HealthCodeIAM 
  • Hashtag: Use hashtag #LoveYourHealthIAM whenever tweeting Love Your Health™
  • When mentioning Love Your Health™ in any tweet, tag us by typing #LoveYourHealthIAM

Take part in the Love Your Health™ online community by:

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  • Tweet a photo, share your Love Your Health™ race bib or update your progress


  • The official Love Your Health™ Instagram page is: http://instagram.com/HealthCodeIAM
  • Hashtag: #LoveYourHealthIAM whenever posting a photo about your participation.
  • Tag Love Your Health™ any photo by typing #LoveYourHealthIAM.

Take part in the HealthCode and Love Your Health™ online community by:

  • Following our Instagram page
  • Post a photo with your your Love Your Health™ race bib, include #LoveYourHealthIAM and your organization’s hashtag
  • Like or comment on any photo we post

Sample Facebook Messages and Status Updates

  • People who regularly exercise tend to have lower levels of depression and anxiety.

Jump-start your work-out routine by joining Love Your Health™ at https://events.healthcode.org/ #LoveYourHealthIAM

  • Tired of your regular old workout?  Spice things up by participating in Love Your Health™  (https://events.healthcode.org)  #LoveYourHealthIAM
  • Exercise protects you from developing certain cancers, including colon and breast cancer, and possibly lung and endometrial (uterine lining) cancer.  That’s a pretty good reason to get moving right now! Join the #LoveYourHealthIAM challenge (https://events.healthcode.org)#LoveYourHealthIAM
  • Did you know regular exercise prevents against the loss of bone aka osteoporosis? Join the #LoveYourHealthIAM challenge and prevent your body against bone loss (https://events.healthcode.org).  #LoveYourHealthIAM
  • Inactivity was associated with more than 9 million cases of cardiovascular disease in 2001, at an estimated direct medical cost of nearly $24 billion. Join the  Love Your Health™ challenge and get active. https://events.healthcode.org  #LoveYourHealthIAM

Sample Tweets

  • People who exercise have lower levels of depression & anxiety. Jump start your work-out routine by joining February’s #LoveYourHealthIAM   #HealthCodeIAM
  • Join <insert your company name> in the Love Your Health™  global challenge.  Together we can get happier and healthier. #LoveYourHealthIAM #HealthCodeIAM
  • Sleep like a baby, join the #LoveYourHealthIAM challenge. Exercise does help you sleep better after all! #LoveYourHealthIAM
  • Inactivity was associated w/ more than 9M cases of cardiovascular disease. Join the #LoveYourHealthIAM challenge & get active.  


27% of resolutions don’t make it past 1st week of January. How R U doing? #LoveYourHealthIAM https://events.healthcode.org

32% of resolutions don’t make it past 2nd week. How R U Doing? #LoveYourHealthIAM https://events.healthcode.org

42% of resolutions don’t make it past January. How R U Doing? #LoveYourHealthIAM https://events.healthcode.org

80% of resolutions don’t make it past 2nd week of February.  How R U Doing? #LoveYourHealthIAM https://events.healthcode.org

Ready to re-charge your resolutions? Sign up for February’s #LoveYourHealthIAM https://events.healthcode.org

* Source: StatisticBrain.com; U.S. News

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