MILEstone Prizes and Registration Perks:

During HealthCode's April Million Mile Month MILEstone prizes are awarded as the Community makes its way to 1+ million miles (50k miles, 100k miles, 250k miles). Prizes, such as the ones below, are randomly drawn from among those who have logged a mile to help reach that MILEstone. In May the prizes are shipped and the "virtual swag bag" emailed.

So make sure you log miles throughout the month to be entered to win all of these great prizes from our sponsors.

Remember HealthCode is a nonprofit. Your registration donation plays a significant role in HealthCode's ability to deliver and enhance programs to children, low income communities and schools. Thank you!

Swag Bag

THANK YOU to these sponsors for stuffing our Silver, Gold and Platinum registrant swag bags with exclusive discounts and goodies! Keep checking in for updates.

Road ID

2017 MILEstone Prizes

Thule Prize
Camelbak Prize
BicBands Prize
Prize - Grow Happy Book
Prize - Whole Foods Diet Book
Prize - Rightful Heritage Book

AND MUCH MORE... Keep Checking this page for updates!

Disclaimers: All HealthCode Swag Bag items and MILEstone prizes are subject to change at any time and may come with some restrictions – including options, geographic location of winner, shipping costs, available quantity, regulations by participating organizations, etc.